Emily Does Nails

Just a Brooklyn girl doing nails on a college student's budget. Photography by Kate Acuna (katerinaacuna@gmail.com)
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Finals will be the death of my blog

I hate to keep leaving you guys like this, but between some pretty serious nail damage and truly terrible grades, I have to take a 2 week break from blogging. Once I’m back in Brooklyn and done with this semester, however, my nails will hopefully have thanked me for giving them some air and will be healthy again. Until then, lovelies! I’ll miss you!

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okay, so my short break from blogging turned into two months. needless to say, my life has been pretty all over the place and insanely busy in that time, but i’m back to nail art-ing and back to blogging! 

hello lovely followers :) I moved into my first apartment on Tuesday!! So I thought I’d say bye for a few days while I get settled and wait for my internet to get installed/my desk to arrive. I’ll miss you!

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Happy International Nail Art Day!

I’m visiting family on the gorgeous Lake Anna in Virginia. What a great weekend! However, that means no celebratory manicure for me :( I’ll just have to make it up for it as soon as I’m home Monday night. Let the inspiration hunt begin!

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